Monday, July 8, 2013


Movie Stars Lori & Michael Are Eco-Fashionable Wearing TriplePeace® T-Shirts - Check Out The Groovy TriplePeace® Hand Gesture! 

If you're thinking about reinventing your lifestyle to ease your environmental conscience, eco-fashion could be a great way to start. In February 2013, TriplePeace® launched sustainable fashion featuring hemp and organic cotton men's t-shirts, women’s t-shirts, baseball caps and friendship bracelets. This marks the beginning of a promising future for eco-fashion, aiming to alter the mindset of consumers towards making sustainable choices.

TriplePeace® Hemp Baseball Caps Are Available In Seven Hip Colors: Black, Orange, Royal Blue, Red, Green, Pink And Dark Blue!
TriplePeace® makes sure that their eco-fashion pieces are both aesthetically pleasing and functional; no one wants to be seen walking around in a hemp sack. Buying TriplePeace® clothes and accessories that are sustainably sourced can be one of the easiest ways to reinvent your lifestyle. Helping the environment needn't be a daily chore; eco-fashion opens up a world of choice for new style and individuality.
When shopping for eco-fashion, there are three important things to consider. First of all, how is the product made? Take into consideration the conditions surrounding production, such as working conditions, waste management, water consumption and chemical usage.  TriplePeace® pledges their dedication to the environment and product-production working conditions.
Second of all, what is the product made of? Look for organic cottons and sustainably-sourced materials such as hemp. These cause minimum harm to the environment and can help to provide a future for the natural world. Synthetic materials often require the use of many chemicals and pesticides in production. These chemicals may damage the local environment.
Finally, is there any compromise on style or functionality? TriplePeace® eco-apparel lets you stay on-trend. They offer a wide range of attractive, brightly colored men's t-shirts, women’s t-shirts, baseball caps and friendship bracelets. All their products are eco-friendly made of hemp and organic cotton.
TriplePeace® Hemp Friendship Bracelets  - Oh So Stylish!
When we buy a t-shirt, baseball cap or friendship bracelet from a high-street store, we may not consider the consequences on the environment and the employees of the brand. So next time you shop, ask yourself the three big questions about the brand and take your first steps to TriplePeace® eco-friendly style. Shop